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Bow-ology 101


A little overwhelmed with designing your packaging?

No need to fret, our friendly staff can walk you step by step in your design process.  

Step 1:  What ribbon will you be using?

  • What type of ribbon will you be using for this project?  Satin (smooth and shinny), Grosgrain (textured), or sheer (see through).

  • What ribbon width will you need?  Common widths are 1/8", 3/8", 5/8", 7/8", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2"  other widths are available.

  • What color?  We have 196 stock colors to choose from!  See our color charts here:

  • Need specialty ribbon or printed ribbon?  Call our staff today!                                          

Step 2:  What style of bow are you needing?

1 Tail up, 1 Tail down

Nail Tied Bow
Six Point Bow
Mary Jane Bow
Pinch Bow
Bow Tie
Machine Bow
Butterfly Bow
Hat Bow
Awareness Loop
Ribbon Roses

Step 3:  What size would you like your bow?

We measure bows in the terms "Head" and "Tails".

The drawing to the right will show you how to measure these points.

Step 4:  Any special touches?

Now that you have designed your bow, do you want to add anything additonal to your bow like a twist tie, ribbon loop, or hangtag?


  • twist ties- twist ties can be cut to the perfect lenght of your project.  They come in clear, metalics, and colors.

  • Ribbon loops- would like to place your bow on a box?  We can design your bow to fit your box and attach with rubber band loops, elastic loops, and stretch loops.

  • Hang Tags- Adding your company logo or hangtag completes your package.  Our team can tie these on your product for that professional finish!

Bow Head= 3"




Twist Tie Bow


Ribbon Loop Bow

Candles 014 copy.jpg

Hang Tag Bow

Need creative ideas?  Please check our gallery page.....

Our staff is just a phone call away, call today!  800-625-BOWS

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